Increasing need for legal and regulatory compliance makes it imperative for enterprises to consolidate and harmonize their controls

SiAM – Compliance Suite for SAP®

The functions and tasks within a company are getting more complex. The need for organizational change, cost reductions, compliance to international accounting principles and implementation of internal monitoring systems are constantly gaining in importance. Business processes need to meet legal requirements. Users and their corresponding authorizations have to be monitored.

The challenge

There are limited ways to address growing complex authorization requirements within a standard SAP® system. Corporate administration and monitoring functions are becoming expensive and time consuming, making it difficult for administrators and users to perform their tasks in a productive and cost effective manner.

The Solution: SiAM

With SiAM the administration and maintenance of users and their user rights are administered efficiently.

SiAM is designed on a modular basis and can be adjusted to project specific requirements immediately. With the tried and tested reference model corporate requirements can be configured in a short period of time. Regardless of whether 100 or 10,000 users are to be administered, all tasks and functions are performed in a transparent and cost efficient manner. Workflow supported change requests enable the simplified maintenance.

SiAM consists of the following modules: 

Role Generator for the creation and administration of users and their user rights in an SAP® system.
Prompt and easy assignment of roles to users by User Management.
Prompt and easy check of compliance and control of critical user.
SiAM Sentinel management of emergency authorizations.
Profiler the access SiAM via the Internet.

SiAM Reference Model.

In many companies, users and authorizations are administered through SAP® basic model. SIVIS developed a licensed Reference Model to avoid any uncoordinated role and user right creation. The in-built Reference model is designed by experts. This model is a combination of all relevant information, corporate functions and appropriate user rights.

Database is provided in the SiAM data model. This enables the streamlining and simplification of administration of authority objects. The definition and adjustment of functions are supported automatically. Due to the methodological approach the Reference Model is adopted.

In comparison with other methods, the investment in time is minimal and success is guaranteed. The Reference Model is customized to meet client needs and is thus, ready for use in a very short period of time. The data can be directly imported into the SAP® system.

Well Proven Application.

SiAM is used successfully for following operations:
User and Access Management in SAP® systems
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), compliance and, Segregation of Duties (SOD)
Role generation
Out-of-the-box Reference Model for authorization concepts
Workflow for change -requests and User Management

SiAM Version Administration

In comparison to a standard SAP® system, in SiAM a new version is created with every change request. The current status as well as all former changes are logged in the system. Therefore, older versions can be recovered completely.

It is not necessary to read change documents or manually reset to older version any more.

Workflow Approval

In SiAM all changes are embedded in an approved workflow process. If a change occurs, an approval has to be applied for in advance. As long as the approval has not been provided, the executed changes are in an Inactive mode. Changes that are subject to approval are:

  • Role Changes
  • User Changes
  • Role Assignments
  • Audit Results
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