agileSI™ – Security Intelligence for the SAP® landscape

This innovative solution can be used to monitor critical transactions or privileged user activity.

agileSI™ transforms plain SAP® Security data into action-oriented and insightful information that offers customers competitive advantage. It’s the industry’s first automated solution that continuously scans SAP®landscapes and detects weak system configurations, excessive user access rights, SoD violations, and potential threats through attacks. The innovative solution can be used to monitor critical transactions or privileged user activity.

agileSI™ goes far beyond regular SoD checks performed on a few select systems. With its certified ABAP-based extractor framework, it integrates seamlessly with SAP® landscapes. Centrally managed and precisely configured extractors offer unlimited access to the various sources within an SAP® R/3 system and all its modules.



Overview agileSI™

How can you be the first to discover compliance violations in hundreds of your SAP®systems – even before auditors do?
With agileSI™ you can! And it’s just a few clicks to regain control. agileSI™ enables you to perform the following critical activities

• Continuously monitor critical system conditions and events
• Automate collection, correlation, visualization & reporting
• Utilize standard checks and SAP®-specific threat vector detection
• Enable your  SOC team to spot and remediate violations and severe events


agileSI™ eliminates the blind spot in SAP® Security Monitoring. The solution integrates with many SIEM products that are widely accepted as central for security monitoring. agileSI™ supports many solutions, such as ArcSight ESM (HP), QRadar (Q1Labs/IBM), LogRhythm and splunk .

How can you protect your most critical applications while reducing costs?

With agileSI™ you automate the work of expensive SAP® consultants and extend visibility completely. Thus, the solution:

Lowers numbers and criticality of auditor’s findings
Transforms risk into remediation
Supports fulfillment of compliance requirements
Consolidates the SAP® tool kit into one holistic approach

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