Big Data Analytics Solutions & Services

Your Data is a treasure to help your Businesses grow better and our expertise with end-to-end Big Data and Analytics Solutions make all these possibilities a reality.

Organizations are exploiting on the insights from Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively. Data has become abundant with drastic growth in Digital technologies. This exponential data accumulation and its management on a daily basis is the challenge for organizations who are wanting to make it more meaningful to their business. Big Data is the ecosystem solution to derive better insights which were impossible in the past to drive your business to success over your competitors.

We stand out in find you the best possible solutions as we don’t stop at the ability to ingest information, manage information, and analyze it. We build repeatable capabilities at the level of functional intelligence and then translate those functional capabilities into Industry Specific Solutions. Our experience, skills and technologies will help to turn your business problems into business insights.

Our Big Data Offerings and Solutions:

  • Consulting – Capacity planning, POC/POV, building roadmaps, Architectural planning
  • Development – Building problem specific software solutions using Hadoop’s MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Impala, Flume, Spark, Kafka and other trending ecosystem components.
  • Implementation – Leave it to us to implement a complete Hadoop cluster environment in your Organization.
  • Administration – High availability, Daily maintenance, Space management, Component management, Data Security and Governance management.
  • Data warehouse integration – Data warehouse integration from RDBMS to Hadoop for better Analytics.
  • Hadoop as Analytics platform – For large variety, volume and velocity data modeling on Hadoop gets better business insights.

Our Analytics Offerings:

  • Data acquisition & Ingestion – Analytics on data from Social media, RDBMS, Infrastructure logs, User logs, User reviews.
  • Data preparation – Data pre-processing for clean and target Analytics on business problems.
  • Model building – Building appropriate models using Machine Learning Algorithms like Linear regression, Logistic Regression, Time series, SVM, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, HMM, Ensembles, Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing and other optimization techniques.
  • Business Insights – Deriving business insights from the outcome of data models for intensive and clear understanding of problem solution.
  • Data Visualization – Creating requirement specific visualization dashboards to get direct and impressive analytics from your data.

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