In this blog, you will see how to configure Read Access Logging (RAL) in SAP systems.


Read Access Logging (RAL) is used to monitor and log read access to sensitive data. This data may be categorized as sensitive by law, by external company policy, or by internal company policy.

Read Access Logging is currently limited to the following channels:

  • Remote Function Calls
  • Dynpro
  • Web Dynpro
  • Web services
Configure RAL

The transaction code for RAL is “SRALMANAGER”. After executing this transaction, make sure RAL is enabled in current client. (see Figure 1 &2 to know how to enable RAL)

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Most of the websites in today’s market have one or more sliders in the home page which rolls images and text. Sliders can be very effective or a major distraction to viewers. Here are 10 tips to make sure sliders are properly configured on your website(s).

1. Use less number of DOM elements in a slide.

Example 1: If title and description is needed to each image, instead of adding them to each slide mark it in “Global Caption”. It will not be animated which improves the performance.

Example2: If “Pin it” button is needed to each slide, then use one button out of the slider and switch its URL with slider API when slide changes.

Iframes are complex DOM elements, so avoid them inside the slider especially on mobile.

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